Piano Lessons for Adults

For the More Advanced

I offer coaching and training up to and beyond diploma level.

I believe that playing the piano should “feel” good and I teach people how to get a great sound out of the instrument without strain or stress.

Piano lessons involve plenty of guidance in discovering the best technique, as this is the key to being able to play with freedom and enjoyment.

I place a lot of emphasis on showing the student HOW to practise in order to achieve the best results.


Whether you’re a complete beginner, or seeking to rediscover the piano afresh, it's never too late!

I put people at ease, tailoring the content, style and pace of piano lessons to suit each individual according to their needs and desires.

I do not limit students to a tutor book, but use many other forms of learning, for example how to build and play chords and chord sequences with confidence, how to play by ear and how to improvise.

My aim is always to enable people to play the piano in whatever style they choose.

Advanced Coaching

At diploma level and beyond, I offer preparation for piano recitals and concerto performances; preparation for entry to music college; and coaching for entry into competitions such as BBC Young Musician.

Sessions involve in-depth technical study and in-depth musical analysis to enable powerful and expressive performance.

I have studied ground-breaking techniques to help prevent RSI, and will show you how to incorporate these into your practice.

Advanced consultations can be arranged on an ad hoc basis if required.

Mark Fitton Piano Teaching

High quality piano lessons in Oakwood, Leeds

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